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Two Year Warranty

Lakeside Lighting & Irrigation stands behind our work so we offer a 2 year warranty on all new system installations.  We cover the parts & labor to repair or replace any failed sprinkler system components, due to manufacturer or workmanship defect.

Exceptional Customer Service

When you call to talk to us, rest assured that you will never have to "Dial 0 for assistance".  During business hours, you will get a real person, and real assistance, every single time.

Top of the Line Equipment

We utilize the best parts & equipment brands in the industry to ensure that your system will always be in top working order & efficient & easy to use.  Your system will come with:

  • Automatic system controller

  • Electric Valves

  • Backflow Preventer

Variety of Sprinkler Heads

Your property is different than all of the others we've worked on, so that's why we utilize a variety of sprinkler heads in order to meet its specific needs.  From rotary sprinkler heads to 4-inch & 12-inch spray heads, we have everything we need to make sure you're covered.

100% Coverage

We guarantee 100% coverage of your lawn, if you discover areas that are not getting the coverage they need, let us know & we'll come out & make it right.

And if that isn't enough, we also offer lots of options to upgrade your irrigation system & make it even more efficient & easier to use:

Membership Savings

We offer multiple memberships that include turn on & winterization services, along with different quantities of mid-season appointments.  Not only do they save you money (up to one free service!), but they include priority scheduling & automatic renewal, making your system essentially worry free.  For more information on our memberships, click here.

Automatic Rain Sensors

We can connect a rain sensor to your controller that prevents for 48 hours after rain, saving you up to 35% on water usage!  It also includes a temperature sensor that will prevent your sprinklers from running if the temperatures dip too low, which can come in handy for that unpredictable Michigan spring season!!

Multiple Timer Options

Even our standard options are top of the line, but if you're interested in even more ease of use, there are also many upgrade options for timers/controllers including a Wi-Fi one that you can control from your mobile device nearly anywhere in the world!

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You obviously love your property a lot, we can tell, you've already called the best in the business to help take care of it.  You've undoubtedly compared our quote with other companies', but here is what the quotes won't tell you- we're Metro Detroit's Premier Irrigation company for a reason, actually many reasons, here are just a few:

Sprinkler Installation
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